Are You Marketing Wrong?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Why the TV Industrial Complex is killing your marketing.

Organizations or businesses that do marketing used to do marketing by interrupting people. They used to do it by yelling at people who didn't want to hear from them about stuff they didn’t want to hear about.

The Problem

Companies figured that if they just yelled it at enough people often enough, they’d make enough money to earn it back. Some companies still seem to live by this model. Small businesses have wrestled with this because they didn’t have enough money to yell at everyone. Lucky for them the world is changing pretty dramatically. You know what they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well I say, “If it ain’t broke, it might be time to break it.”

“It’s what we’ve always done” isn’t a strategy. It’s an excuse.

People skip the Ads

We have discovered that people don't pay attention to ads, they skip the ads, they don’t respond to the ads, they don’t even remember the ads. What the internet is doing is making it easier to follow people you want to follow, and to connect to people you want to connect with. So the future of marketing as it turns out, is leadership. If you do something that people want to follow or connect with, they’ll join a tribe or group of people interested in accomplishing something in common. And if you can lead said tribe, the marketing will take care of itself. Small businesses have a big advantage there because they’re run by people, whereas big businesses are run by committees.

Be Genuine

People don’t want to follow a committee, they want to follow people. You must be genuine and authentic with your tribe. You have to care and they will be able to tell if you don’t care. Market with people, not at them. You can't communicate emotion and trust to someone if they're not listening and the only people going to listen to you are the people who were pre-sold on you because someone told them about what you do and how you do it. You cannot make someone interested. But what you can do is amplify interest. Take advantage of the fringed.

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