We see ourselves as therapists, strategists, writers, and designers. If we don’t listen to you, we cannot shape your brand. Plus, it would not be very fulfilling nor successful. We are experts in getting your brand ready to meet its audience, investors, or to leave a better second impression.


A cheaper price may inspire a purchase, but it won’t inspire loyalty. You have to differentiate if you wish to survive. Branding is a symphony. It’s that perfect moment of silence between the notes. That symphony of design, values, philosophy, personality, and experience captures people’s attention.


Brands are in the storytelling business. Story is a sense-making device. It identifies a necessary ambition, defines the challenges to achieve said ambition, and provides a plan to help conquer those challenges. If you haven’t clarified your story, your customers won’t listen.


A logo must be simplistic, flexible, and have longevity; the perfect balance of distinct and simple, appropriate not generic. A logo is not communication, it is identification. Symbols don’t make it clear what you do, it makes clear who they are. A logo is a company’s silhouette.



Engagements range from brand positioning and story to naming, core values, brand architecture and taglines. Tell us about your situation to see how we can create clarity for your brand that lasts. Your solution could be a phone call or email away. Contact us today to help define your brand.

We further solve a variety of brand pain points in a strategic and nimble way. We feel comfortable working with one-person startups to Fortune 500s. And usually in the exact same ways. We are surprisingly affordable, but that is relative; yet relatively important to mention. 

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