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Too many businesses struggle with the tactics and strategy needed to generate leads and capture customers’ attention, costing them time, revenue, or even plateauing their business all together. Davis Parker helps to provide a tailored brand strategy for businesses to achieve their goals and ambitions.

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BRANDING /’brandiNG/-to differentiate. 

Davis Parker, LLC  is a brand strategy firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our mission is to shift a company’s wandering eye into a focused brand. No aspiring business can afford to be average. Clichés are today’s silent killers and any business’s enemy. Do you talk about quality or great service to differentiate your business? So does everyone else, and no one is listening.


Davis Parker will help you go from invisible to obvious. We will execute a plan alongside you as acting partners to position your brand for the market that your competition will be ignoring. Too many so-called brands are screaming into the void with ineffective strategy and misguided branding.

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A cheaper price may inspire a purchase, but it won’t inspire loyalty. You have to differentiate if you wish to survive. Branding is a symphony. It’s that perfect moment of silence between the notes. That symphony of design, values, philosophy, personality, and experience captures people’s attention.




Brands are in the storytelling business. Story is a sense-making device. It identifies a necessary ambition, defines the challenges to achieve said ambition, and provides a plan to help conquer those challenges. If you haven’t clarified your story, your customers won’t listen.




A logo must be simplistic, flexible, and have longevity; the perfect balance of distinct and simple, appropriate not generic. A logo is not communication, it is identification. Symbols don’t make it clear what you do, it makes clear who they are. A logo is a company’s silhouette.




Engagements range from brand positioning and story to naming, core values, brand architecture and taglines. Tell us about your situation to see how we can create clarity for your brand that lasts. Your solution could be a phone call or email away. Contact us today to help define your brand.




I'm starting a new business.

Congrats! We are really starting from square one; the perfect time to start. Branding is your foundation from which all else is built on, your voice, marketing, advertising, etc., it all starts with branding. Let us help you with that.

No one knows who we are.

And it's not for lack of trying! Most businesses have been there. It sometimes doesn't matter if you have the greatest product or service out there if no one knows about it. Getting your name out into the zeitgeist? We're going to make you a star!

We need to communicate more clearly about who we are.

Couldn't we all? This is the golden ticket to having an audience...your audience find you. Consumers are not just looking for a product or service anymore. People are too smart for gimmicks. They want to attach themselves to something. Tell them why that's you.

We've developed a new product and it needs a name and  logo yesterday.

When developing something new within a company, it can feel as if you are starting from square one every time. What you need is an identity system from which you can derive all of your future projects and assets. Then it's a no brainer!

We lack visual consistency.

This is quite common. Someone creates this, an employee designs that. So many types of marketing collateral, etc. need to be made quickly and effortlessly. But that is no reason to confuse your customers as to why. Brand guidelines to the rescue!

I am embarrassed when I hand out my business card.

Something as small as a business card can say a lot about your business. If the smallest details of your business such as a business card have been taken for granted, what else has been? When you go to hand your business card out, let it be with confidence.

We want to reposition and renew the company as a whole.

This is one of the riskiest things a company can do, but also perhaps the most beneficial. It needs to be done with care and attention to detail, no stone unturned. There is where DavisParker thrives, ideas. Insert M.A.Y.A. Principle. 

We look behind the times.

You've been in business for a long time, that is nothing to shake a stick at. You may look behind the times but that's because you've been doing the other things to be old enough to look behind the times. Now, do you need a new coat of paint or a full rebuild?

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Surface unique insight about your company

Your products are the concrete things you sell to your customers. In a world with near limitless possibilities, we need to dig deeper to compel customers to buy your stuff. Closer to your purpose is your method, or the practices you use to create and deliver your products.


Surface unique insight about your customers

A customer persona is a group of personality traits, values and stories that comprise your ideal audience. You can base these off of real customers or build a composite of several people to use as a representation of your audience. Making your ideal customer tangible.


Plot how to connect the two

What does buying a specific product say about you? What story does that let you tell the world about yourself? Branding doesn't work in a vacuum—there are many other factors at work that can affect the success of a brand. The more you control your brand, the better.


Attract, serve, and delight the customer

First you need to instill confidence in a customer, then surprise them, over time establishing customer loyalty, and finally promoting fulfillment and personal growth. Omotenashi, the heart of the notion of Japanese hospitality.  Can you anticipate the needs of your customer?




Allocating funds to maximize ROI

Any move to refresh or rebrand, your company must result in an increase in sales—a sustained upward trend in overall velocity. A rebrand can clarify and strengthen your relationship with long-term customers while also attracting new ones; increasing your brand awareness across the board.


Researched revenue and awareness goals

Rather than becoming mired in emotional decisions about whether or not you personally like a design concept, you can ask yourself, “Will this logo, packaging, campaign concept, etc. move us closer to or further away from our goal of increasing core sales by 15 percent by the end of the year?”


Clarity, Confidence, Alignment, Motivation

Your brand essence is a distillation of the most compelling idea behind your company. It’s your Why and your mission, vision, values and positioning all wrapped up into a concise statement. It is mostly an internal tool used to capture the spirit of your brand.


Know who to target and how to talk to them.

With your newly-refined brand voice and positioning, you’ll be better equipped to tell your story through social media, content marketing and other promotional efforts. Whether through writing, imagery or video, a rebranding process should shine through in all these channels.




Whether it is strategic or visual clarity, our approach is applicable to startups or mature businesses alike that long to promptly shape a focused story and cohesive brand image. At the end of our rigorous process, you will be equipped with a strong brand position, unique brand philosophy, and a brand identity design that connects deeply with your audience, staff, and investors.



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